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And this, my lovely readers, would be the story of how I got fired from being a navigator for the rest of my adult life.

I made sure the gun was right next to us as we double checked all our locked doors...

I LOVE visiting Ghost Towns and abandoned houses. It’s the history of the place that attracts me the most. I want to learn more about the house and the people who lived there. Before 2004, I used to road trip with friends and we’d find the most amazing places to visit. Of course back then, we didn’t carry our phones and photograph our trips.

I wish now we would have taken more pics. Because not only did we
find some really neat places, we also had some pretty epic road trips!
— I’ll just leave it at that.

When I got married, back in 2007, we spent our Honeymoon out in Montana. If you’ve ever been to Montana, you’re already aware that some roads lead to some questionable destinations. We inadvertently ended up on one of those roads. (Confession: I’m horrible at reading maps. I don’t even know how or why, I just really … don’t like maps.)

I was the navigator on this trip.

And this, my lovely readers …….. would be the story of how I got fired from
being a navigator for the rest of my adult life.

So we’re cruising along the Hwy 12 in Montana. SOMEHOW, we ended up taking a turn onto Rimini Road. I thought the map clearly showed Rimini Road would take us directly into Helena, MT. (I might have been waaaaaaayyyyy off, wrong direction – everything).

Well …

We’re driving down this nice paved road for a few miles. Then, the road turns to gravel. No big deal. We’re in Montana and gravel roads are sometimes luxury driving. So we continued driving.

A mile later, the gravel ends and were on a dirt and grass covered, NARROWER road surrounded by sudden thick woods on each side of the road. Creepy? Not yet. There was no place to turn around the big Chevy Suburban we were driving, so we continued driving down the road thinking it would come to a clearing where we could turn around.

The road got narrower as branches started hitting the truck. It was at this point we realized we were more than likely …. ON THE WRONG ROAD.Β So we kept on driving, hoping for a clearing.

The clearing finally came, but it was nothing like we expected.

The woods cleared just enough to make room for a dozen or so, boarded up, run down and what we thought were abandoned homes. We had just entered a ghost town. We crept into this town quickly noticing it was far from abandoned.

Windows were boarded up. Sheets hung from glass-less windows. People were peering out from these windows. We took this breathtaking moment to lock our doors. The road was so narrow, we still could not turn around. We could, however, reach out and touch these boarded up houses, that were barely left standing, on both sides of this road. We Β silently and mutually agreed we would leave our windows rolled up and doors locked.

No one waved.Β 

No one smiled.Β 

No one made any sort of gesture than to glare at us.Β 

It was so surreal, but we had to keep driving through the town so we could turn around. We began to feel uneasy (which is a complete understatement) about the situation we were now in. We made sure Brad’s gun was within reach because yes …. it was unreal. This whole situation was so unreal. We literally has zero idea of what to expect.

Our hopes were lifted as we exited the town. The road was a little wider, but still not wide enough to turn around. We drove about a half mile and then our hopes were literally crushed …..


Not joking.

The road ended. Just like that. Thick woods surrounded us and Brad made every effort possible to get the big suburban turned around on the narrow road. I made sure the gun was right next to us as we double checked all our locked doors and made our way back to the creepy, unwelcoming town in the middle of nowhere.

I can’t even describe the feelings as we drove on high alert back through the town. Now, as we drove back through, there were more people standing out on the porches and peering out from windows. We were literally being watched.

I don’t even know what possessed me to grab my camera and think that I could get some photos. Probably because I’ve never used a gun and the only shots I was ever good at taking, came from the camera.

So I snapped ONE horrible, blurry pic as we picked up speed and left that town. Because I couldn’t believe where we just were. I didn’t even look in the lens to see if I even had anything in the pic. I just snapped the pic and hoped for the best.Β We sped our way back to Hwy 12, of course discussing what just happened and once we hit the highway, we laughed.

And I got fired. And somehow I’m okay with that. I think Brad is too!


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2 comments on “And this, my lovely readers, would be the story of how I got fired from being a navigator for the rest of my adult life.

  1. I had to fire my wife too. I let her hold the travel atlas as we drove from A to B. As we neared the spot where we had to change highways, I asked her how far from A we were. “I can’t even find A.” I glanced over. “Your right thumb is covering it.”
    Don’t let hubby rely on GPS though. Later the same trip, mine put me on a ‘highway’ in Ohio that makes your road seem urban, and well developed. It included an acre of grass pasture with two ruts and cow patties. 😳 Hope you get where you’re going. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh boy… hahaha That sounds like us! We’ve used GPS and had a few instances where it tells us we’ve arrived at our destination, and we’re stopped in the middle of the country road-surrounded by fields.

      It all makes for a fun story. Wrong destinations can also lead to some pretty ‘off the beaten track’ views. We’ve had a LOT of those in Montana while driving around through the mountains. Some of our best views we’ve seen, we’ve only seen because of wrong turns πŸ˜‰

      Hope you both have a great rest of the week! Thanks for stopping by πŸ˜ƒ


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