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21 Reasons to Travel Full Time

  1. Everyday is a new experience and adventure
  2. Life becomes one big vacation
  3. You’re the pilot of your life
  4. Life will never be boring or routine
  6. You’ll get to embrace new cultures
  7. You’ll be able to share incredible stories
  8. You can see the World
  9. You’ll learn ‘who’ you are
  10. You’ll meet new people
  11. You’ll create memories and experiences
  12. You can gain new opportunities
  13. You’ll build your confidence
  14. It’s cheaper than being at home
  15. You can work as you go
  16. You’ll have the opportunity to make a difference
  17. You learn that ‘things‘ don’t mean a thing {Materialism melts away}
  18. Travel helps you move forward
  19. Travel is education {History comes alive}
  20. Travel challenges you and shakes things up

Kaira Colorado


Sunset skies, road trips on the backroads, bonfire nights, soul-filled conversations on the tailgate & drinking red wine under a million stars. The Simple life. Just the way I like it. | A Lifestyle Blog written by Kaira Lansing {Published Author 🌟 Travel Writer🌟 Freelance Digital Content Creator 🌟}

3 comments on “21 Reasons to Travel Full Time

  1. Are you guys doing this? Feels like forever since we have talked. Your travel photos are gorgeous!


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