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Back to writing “The Shadows Are Falling”

Today I am able to get back into writing my own novels.

I just finished up the year-long ghostwriting project I was contracted on. So that means as of today I am able to get back into writing my own novels. I started working on my latest novel, THE SHADOWS ARE FALLING. I think a break was nice, as it gave me quite a long time to think about how I wanted this novel to end. And … after all the feedback I received on it last Fall… how I wanted this novel to begin.

I’m spending this afternoon re-reading my draft, recollecting my thoughts and taking into consideration all the feedback and notes I have in front of me. If you’re new, here’s the novel I’m currently writing:




Alaina Shepherd’s luxurious life was transformed into a living nightmare – one she never saw coming; one that took her on a rampage fumed from the twisted lies of her very own identical twin sister.

For seven years, Alaina lay incarcerated in a mental hospital being continuously sedated as she watched her sister deceivingly take over her life.

Now Alaina is free and ready to claim back the life that is rightfully hers. But even though she yearns to have her life back, her hopes and dreams are darkened by the sinister lies of her sister. Alaina clings to the hope that she will be able to convince her once beloved Husband, Corbin, that she is the real Alaina Shepherd.

Feel free to follow my website to stay updated with my writing. At this time, I do not have a main Author website. I’ll be posting all my writing/author related updates on RIPPED JEANS & WINE, and over on my Instagram account.

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