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But this is just my American Dream

There really isn't many people that share my version of the American Dream.

I love doing home decor and remodeling, however, I could do without the house. I could also do without the lifestyle that goes along with the house. I am beginning to feel like the house-lifestyle is dictating my life.

In owning a home, a good portion of your monthly income has to go towards: taxes, mortgage, insurance, electric, water, sewer and heat/gas. Then add in there medical insurance, cell phones, internet, vehicle insurance, groceries, gas for vehicles, home maintenance … you get the idea. Year after year, it adds up.

I look at how much time we have to spend working every week, just to be able to live in a house. It’s a good amount of money each month that you have to earn. I kind of decided years ago, I don’t want to spend my entire time here on earth …. just living in a house. All those hours you have to work just to pay to live in a house is (to me) … almost outrageous.

I know for a good majority of the population, owning a house is their American Dream. And don’t get me wrong, I love touring homes, designing and home decor … but if I was able to live my American Dream —> it would not be in a house. If I had my choice on how I could live my life, I would not be spending so many hours each week working just to pay all the expenses for a house-lifestyle.

With the amount in mortgage payments paid per year, we could have a nice RV/trailer. We could be paying a significantly small amount each month for lot rent, have less to maintain. Have more time to road trip and more money to spend on ‘seeing‘ things, delving into our hobbies and living life. Yes, we would technically still have to pay most the above expenses, but it would be a smaller portion of what we currently have to spend. And my biggest reason …. I’d have more time to spend with my spouse.

I’ve noticed over the past few years, I’m pretty much alone and there really isn’t many people that share my version of the American Dream. Traveling, living on the road, and downsizing to obtain more life ‘experiences‘ is more my lifestyle.Β I don’t need the house. I don’t need the yard. I don’t need the white picket fence or walk-in closets. I can leave that all behind. I just want to experience life and spend the rest of the time I have left with my Spouse.

But this is just my American Dream.

Sunset skies, road trips on the backroads, bonfire nights, soul-filled conversations on the tailgate & drinking red wine under a million stars. The Simple life. Just the way I like it. | A Lifestyle Blog written by Kaira Lansing {Published Author 🌟 Travel Writer🌟 Freelance Digital Content Creator 🌟}

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