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History, Mysteries & Hauntings

Apparitions, unexplainable things/voices ... visions ...ย  you name it......

Three of my favorite things to read and write about. I’ve read and heard so many stories over the years, that I began writing the MIDWEST MYSTERIES for young adults. {They LOVE a good ghost story!} And I’ve heard of so many things that have happened in the Midwest that still to this day – remain a mystery. I’ve enjoyed doing research, on my own, to find out any information regarding some of the stories. Some of the things you find leave more questions than answers. Either way, it’s intriguing and I only want to learn more.


I’ve had my fair share of personal hauntings as well. Apparitions, unexplainable things/voices … visions …ย  you name it. Again I say, intriguing. I’m a sucker for visiting abandoned properties and homes. I love photographing abandoned homes. One home I photographed, ended up on the cover of one of my books, ESDAILE.

Fiction or nonfiction? You’ll have to decide for yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

The MIDWEST, like any other place in the world, holds its fair share of history, mystery and hauntings. But since I live here, and have fun venturing to these locations that harbor a mystery, I thought I’d share some of my visits with you going forward.

Including some of the hidden cemeteriesย  ….

Cemetary 1


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