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Kitchen renovation update

I love remodeling and redecorating! Here is an update on our kitchen remodel.

If you’ve followed along on my other blog, LIFE WITH MY SPOUSE, you know that we are remodeling our home. We started with our basement, (I’ll post photos of that later – we’re going to redo the basement again). But, the living room has been completed and we just finished the kitchen – minus appliances. We still need new appliances.

So here are a few pics of our kitchen remodel to bring you up to speed:


And here it is currently …..ย 



We just added our paper towel holder near the sink:

In addition to this, we also purchased a black dishwasher to replace the white one. We then stained the butcher clock counter top one shade darker to match the pallet back splashes. The only thing we have left to do is the decor and get some new appliances.

Our current expenses:

$170 cabinets for the center island

$143 butcher block counter top for the island

$66 and $43 for the counter tops along the walls

$22 end caps

$11 cabinet backs

$8 toe kick

$30 cabinet end trim pieces

$30 black paint for the cabinets / door fronts

$150 used glass stove top in NEW condition

$20 brushes and rollers

$60 gray paint for the walls

$35.00 for all the kitchen lights {garage sale find}

$8.00 Liquid Nails for the back splash

$15.00 Paper towel pipe parts

Currently we are at $811.00 for our kitchen restoration.

ย ย img_7975ย  ย  ย img_7976

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