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RV Lifestyle: My first RV model choice

My first RV model of choice

When you first start out looking for an RV, it’s almost overwhelming with all the makes, models and styles to choose from. I’ll admit, even after years of research, I still don’t have my choice narrowed down to a style that I love. Although I love the newer models, the color schemes are not something I’ve loved. This alone has me looking more at older models so I can redecorate or remodel to make my own. And I’ve come across some nice remodeled/redecorated RV’s that I love.

This RV tour is the style of RV I would love to start out living in.

Photos courtesy of

I love the flooring. I would definitely need to paint the cabinets to make it brighter. And the walls might have to be painted a nice gray. But other than that, this style RV would have enough space to live comfortably.

2 comments on “RV Lifestyle: My first RV model choice

  1. Hi Kaira. I was looking at the greyhawk or redhawk bunkhouse as my first home. Now I’m looking at the leisure travel unity 24 island bed or the Hymer Aktiv 2.0 both class b.

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    • I have the ones I love, but I could seriously live in any of them. I’ve also been researching older RVs so I can update/fix them up and possibly resell. So many options. πŸ˜‰


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