Life Lately ~ Updates

2018 has been wonderfully busy and I’m not even sure how June got here, but I’m rolling with it. I have been busy writing, editing, designing, traveling and taking photos. Oh yeah, and remodeling my home, which you can follow at The Rustic Modern Home over on my Author website.

So a part of me wanted to sell this website and just use my Author website. Yet, another part of me wanted to keep this site because I had FUN plans for it when I first started it. I just didn’t have the time to actually implement those plans with a busy life schedule. But now that life had slowly been becoming, well —-> MINE …. I’m ready to start dusting off that plan I had.

So without further ado —-> Welcome to RIPPED JEANS & WINE, my Lifestyle Blog.
A place where I can just write outside of book writing.

I guess you could call this my life outside of being an Author.


3 thoughts on “Life Lately ~ Updates

    1. We have! Thanks for stopping by Megan! I remember when you first started writing your book ….. lol! (Back in BC … ‘before kids’) I hope you get time to write. I know how challenging it can be with kids and family time. Excited to read your work when you get it completed!

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